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A New Format Proposal

Aug 27, 2018
The format to this season isn't bad, in fact I'm surprised a change was made. Changes are usually good to the league, it keeps the league fresh and new which is always nice instead of playing the same thing every season. With a new format I'm suggesting, is kind of like a College Football system.

I'd propose to split teams into their own conferences. d1/d2 d3/d4, d5/d6 etc.

I'm not sure on the exact number of teams per division/conference but that can be worked out later. You can do 12 teams in a conference split into 6 teams like college football. Then the top team from each division plays in a Conference game/match. Can be bo3 or whatever if people don't like the big match being decided in 1 match. But that's not the end of the season, any team that wins a certain amount of matches is "bowl eligible" which means they are eligible to play another match. This match can be from a d1 team to a d3 team. A d4 team to a d6 team etc. I think an example of this, is a successful d3 team with an impressive record play a d1/d2 team with a less impressive record to see how that d3 team matches up. Even if that d3 team lost to maybe a higher skilled team, I still think that's an impressive season regardless of the outcome. I guess it comes down to how much a team wants a .png banner rather than recognizing themselves having a successful season.

Each team in the same division will play each other once some time during the season. This can be 5-6 matches (since some could have 7-8 in their division). Lets say there are 12 teams in a conference and there are 6 teams in a division. You play your division rivals once so that’s a total of 5 matches. Then you play 3 other teams in your same conference but they’re in the other division. So that’s a total of 8 matchups of pretty much even matchups. Then each team will play 2 outer conference matches. These outer conference matchups can be structured by the council, rng, or a conference 1 team playing a conference 2 team. And that same conference 2 team playing a conference 3 team. So after the championship matches, this is where the “bowls” or matches are selected by council which they think might give good competitive matches that don’t exactly have to be in the same conference. In order to play a bowl game you would have to be 5-5 at the end of a 10 week season (Just an example).

Examples:Conference 1 (insert name here). In the parenthesis is what division they played in last season. (Remember this is one big conference split into divisions.). Also you can still have uneven divisions, it’ll just take up an outer conference match.

Division A:
Vitality (d1)
LongShlongs (d2)
Avail (d1)
Clan Volo (d2)
Metro Wipeout (d1)
Final Stand (d2)

Division B:
Wollywogz (d1)
Team GUN (d2)
Charged Brigade(d1)
Valhalla (d2)
Untouchables 1 (d1)
Team pool (d2)

I’ll throw out an example of what a schedule could be too.

Longshlongs Schedule:
Week 1 vs Vitality
Week 2 @ Moonblast (outer conference)
Week 3 vs Clan Volo
Week 4 @ Avail
Week 5 vs Untouchables 1
Week 6 @ Final Stand
Week 7 vs Team pool
Week 8 @ Metro Wipeout
Week 9 vs MaL (outer conference)
Week 10 @ GUN
Week 11 and if needed 12 Conference Championship matches or Bye week
Week 12 or 13 Bowl game


Lounge Staff
Jun 25, 2018
The only good thing to come out of watching today's Browns game