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3-Round Tournament Lounge

Jun 25, 2018
kerning city
- 48 player (3 round) tournaments once every week on Sunday at 7:00pm GMT (2:00 PM EST)

- possibility for more per week if interest arises but no bigger sized tournaments than that. this is so that it's easy to run these consistently

- 3 gps every round

- top 6 of room advance

- format cycles between ffa 2v2 3v3 (should 4v4 and/or 6v6 be added?)

- random partners through random.org

- tags in 2v2 will be simply 1-24, 3v3 1-16, based on where you are placed in the random list

- calling is allowed but not mandatory or recommended, same kind of policy as other lounges

- in the spirit of the old large tournaments hosted before wiimmfi, alts will be openly allowed in this lounge

- you must come to me with your main identity and be an eligible player for the lounge and I will allow you to enter with a seperate rating than your main rating. only one alt allowed per person, and (alt) will be openly noted on your scoreboard ranking and name in chat.

- you do not have to register your main to have an alt but you will be allowed to have both a main and an alt on the scoreboard. if you want to start a new alt your old alt will be deleted entirely

- people who choose to alt must stream standard conditionals to myself or a moderator before the finals. the purpose of these alts is to have fun and avoid judgment from your peers, not to cheat

- if you alt and do anything significantly wrong, you will be exposed, and if you enter the alt of someone besides yourself you will face the consequences they would receive if you refuse to honestly reveal who the alt was

- the moderators and I will not expose your alt under any other circumstances

- no-show penalty strikes and being kicked for any reason are shared between your alt and main

scoreboard and rankings
- there will be a scoreboard with a fixed rate of point gain and loss for every individual position in tourney (dividing placements of losers by placement received) (rd1 4th is its own group of finishing places, 5th is its own group etc) then further dividing by using number of points earned

- for example, lets say you lose rd1 of a 2v2 and get 4th in your room and score 82pts. you will place ahead of someone in another room who got 4th and scored 81 pts in final standings. these two will also both place ahead of someone from a different room who got 5th and scored 86. this is to not punish people who happen to play a smaller room in round 1 because of no-shows

- everybody starts with the same point score of 5000

- 9000+ master, 7500-9000 diamond, 7499-6000 platinum, 5999 - 4000 gold, 3999-2000 silver, 1999 - 0 bronze.

- there are currently no plans for rating to affect how much you gain or lose due to alts, perhaps rating may be used in the future to hold tournaments with a minimum rating requirement?

- a no-show will be defined as not being present on discord in the room chat within 5 minutes of your room's host opening/tagging with the open time

- if your partner(s) no show you will be allowed a sub - people who register after the first 48. first come first serve, 49th person to register has first chance to sub if they are present

- if an entire team no-shows it will be filled with subs

- no-shows will lose a flat amount of 200 ranking pts

- no-shows will be punished besides loss of pts (2 strike system before being kicked/banned)

- if your partner(s) no show and there is no sub you will get compensation pts for your partner of +18 a gp, or if you can find a valid sub they will be allowed in

- if there are still not enough subs, the room will start short on player(s)

- registration starts immediately after previous one ends (there will be a new discord chat channel for each tournament)

- registration format will be ## - miiname (FC) (can host) if you can host

- for hosts, openhost and 150cc only (unless there is no other option)

- example: 01 - sousui (1423-3424-2468)

- ## represents what number entrant you are out of 48

- you may delete your own registration up until teams/rooms are posted without a no-show penalty

- teams/rooms will be posted 10 minutes before the starting time, at which point you will receive a room1/2/3/4 role which allows you to access that chat and be tagged

- this will be an invite only lounge - the cutoff will be gold in the vito lounge. people with no rating (new players to the lounge system in general) or below that are a case by case basis but usually the answer will be NO for people below gold level

- players who are wl banned for cheating will also be accepted/denied on a case by case basis

- the reason for this is space constraints - there are no plans for any tournaments bigger than 48

- disconnecting will results in zero points unless proven otherwise, as well as +3 for each race the player is not on results

- if a player disconnects before the end of the first race, they are given 15 points for the GP

- if 3 or more people disconnect in a room at any given time the room must be restarted. any races played up to that point will go towards the final result

- other standard tournament rules like glitch/cheat, repeat, troll, and wrong tag penalty will be in effect and the penalties will be standard.

- bcwii glitch will be allowed

- basically the point of this section is don't be a dick.
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Jun 25, 2018
Not a bad idea, I like this!