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1vs1 I challenge you (MK8DX)


New member
Jun 30, 2018
It's something interesting, since most of people don't like to 1vs1 because they get so nervous, adrenaline is what is this about.
You chose numer of races and if items or not. Please contact me on Discord to challenge me: RbnD#0370

Record for the moment: [12-3-3]

:flagUK: Z★Ryan's [7-5]
:flagUK: Σ★Ceci [5-3]
:flagMX: [MT] Ricke [7-5]
:flagMX: [MT] Corazón [7-5]
:flagES: RK Jumo [9-3] [7-5]
:flagES: Section [10-2] [5-3]
:flagES: FE Colcho [8-4]
:flagES: RK Roberto [9-3]
:flagES: TT Welcius [9-3]
:flagCL: GG Matus [10-2]

:flagUK: Σ★Ceci [4-4]
:flagES: [MT] Juan [6-6]
:flagES: Section [4-4]

:flagMX: Huayra [4-8]
:flagES: Section [1-5]
:flagES:Millán [3-5]
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