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Jun 26, 2018
United Kingdom

Welcome To ξmpire
ξm / ξmpire

This clan is a Regular Track only clan that strives to have a constant flow of
clan wars. we're hoping to take part in as many wars as possible each week. We also participate in a large amount of funrooms hosted by our members. As a revamp of the previous clan Exorcism we hope to straighten out any edges that were in the previous clan and keep our warring focused and consistent, therefore we will only allow a select amount of members at a time with clean-outs of members who have been under-performing or inactive.

Players Must be over the age of 13+

Able to play regularly without constant breaks, if any breaks are needed then please inquire with the leaders before taking a large break.

Any experience with the professional scene and competitive play, this includes but is not limited to Tournaments, clan wars, etc.

A discord account that you can contact us with, we strictly operate on discord only.

Able to respect other players and their opinions and views of the scene and former teammates, if their are any grudges then either settle it privately, keep it to yourself or if it is disrupting the clan then discuss with the leaders.

Willing to listen to advice and criticism when given it. Any players that act aggressive to other teammates in an unnecessary way due to these following actions will be treated accordingly, will result in getting kicked/banned from the clan.

Trials will most likely be based during a clan war, we take everything into account, communication skills, overall skill in the game, knowledge of the game, ability to work as a team, and of course the final points you have in a war.

Hacking, dishonest play, or any disputable acts that jeopardize the integrity and reputation of the team and/or your teammates will not be tolerated or excused. Any member found to be committing or condoning such acts will be dismissed from the team.

:flagEC: Charles
:flagUK: Samuel
:flagUS: Jaron

:flagUS: Amar
:flagUK: Freeze
:flagUS: Caio
:flagUS: Fuse
:flagUS: Frost
:flagUS: Mason
:flagUS: Process
:flagUS: Seth
:flagUS: Spade
:flagUS: Sosis
:flagUS: Tenhead

:flagUS: Alpha
:flagCA: Damian
:flagUS: Kai
:flagUS: Pix

Leaders Discords for contacting the clan about wars, trials or other matters.
/ charles#2007 / SamuelCGJ#2669 / Jaron#4204 /

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Jun 26, 2018
United Kingdom
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  • Loss against RA​
  • note: we was short on members during this war, but overall gg​