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Search results

  1. noah

    [W5] L 393 - 339 Ap [✔]

    Strong pack playing
  2. noah

    Recruiting WI - Team Wisconsin

    Youre in like 5 clans lol
  3. noah

    [W2] I$ 345 - 387 [L] [✔]

    Notes: - 150 only, sui - thunder played the first 2 races on the table, razz played the rest GGs!
  4. noah

    [ELS4] Preliminary Seedings

    I understand that, but when looking at teams that have best lineups close in skill (such as L compared to Ap or nx), the depth of the roster should be considered.
  5. noah

    [ELS4] Preliminary Seedings

    The members of List of Croatian Films of the 1960s would be happy to stay in Division 4 this season. We think that our roster is overall not suitable for D3, and that being competitive in that division would require us to have a small subset of our roster play every week. Our goal this season is...
  6. noah

    [W6] List of Croatian Films of the 1960s 100 - 0 EXO

    Pooping rn lol
  7. noah

    [R1] Mo 377 - 355 λρ ✓

    ggs, fun match to start off the cup
  8. noah

    [W5] I$ 408 - 324 [L]

    was there really any need for this image? does anybody outside of your team actually care? i don't think we are bad sports, we're just trying to play the game. so i'd ask for the same courtesy ggs regardless, congrats on the win
  9. noah

    [W4] λρ 327 - 405 Mo ✓

    This post reminded me of the 11th letter in the alphabet
  10. noah

    Invite Only Mo - Moonblast

    in the thread: people taking viktor seriously
  11. noah

    Regarding The Recent Bans, Removal of Staff, and The Site's Future

    the adult is at fault for any sexual contact that they initiate or condone with a minor. this is true in most if not all jurisdictions. the minor is obviously a victim of grooming if the adult accepted, sent or asked for nudes
  12. noah

    [QF] APE 408 - 304 BT

    what about when I$2 was predicted last but got first last season? that was bananas
  13. noah

    [W3] EXO 328 - 404 [L]

    Notes: - process is shit - ggs, thanks for reschedule pt. 3
  14. noah

    [W2] GAMT 284 - 448 Av

    Avail does, as evidenced by the results shown here.
  15. noah

    [W2] GX 352 - 380 Mo ✓

    Moonblast Moonblast Moonblast
  16. noah

    [W2] EXO2 367 - 365 EM

    Yes, it is.
  17. noah

    [W2] [L] 366 - 366 BT

    Notes: - suicide - no repick penalty to assist us, unbelievable - ggs, gl in future weeks
  18. noah

    [W1] XF 352 - 360 [L]

    Notes: - sui format, no resets - XF repicked DKJP - ggs, thank you so much for being cooperative in scheduling and good luck in future matches + sorry for cheap win i feel bad..
  19. noah

    [S16] Preliminary Seedings

    List of Croatian films of the 1960s