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Search results

  1. noah

    [W2] I$ 345 - 387 [L] [✔]

    Notes: - 150 only, sui - thunder played the first 2 races on the table, razz played the rest GGs!
  2. noah

    [W6] List of Croatian Films of the 1960s 100 - 0 EXO

    Pooping rn lol
  3. noah

    [W3] EXO 328 - 404 [L]

    Notes: - process is shit - ggs, thanks for reschedule pt. 3
  4. noah

    [W2] [L] 366 - 366 BT

    Notes: - suicide - no repick penalty to assist us, unbelievable - ggs, gl in future weeks
  5. noah

    [W1] XF 352 - 360 [L]

    Notes: - sui format, no resets - XF repicked DKJP - ggs, thank you so much for being cooperative in scheduling and good luck in future matches + sorry for cheap win i feel bad..
  6. noah

    [LB1] Mo 348 - 234 τr ✓

    ggs, 150 only sui
  7. noah

    [W8] MV 335 - 356 τr ✓

    sui, dcs made a huge fucky wucky out of this one so lmk if there are any problems. ggs on behalf of the alliance!
  8. noah

    [W7] τr 398 - 334 EXO ✓

    trolling, zach moved up from tr2 Get the strap. ggs, best part of the war was daylon starting an important wl match with item rain on
  9. noah

    [W6] τr 389 - 345 λρ ✓

    trolling, ggs! pts are wrong i think iib was on but cba to find out where
  10. noah

    [W5] κ`s 366 - 366 βc

    suicide ggs if monyz was using k`s balls we would have won but its whatever #VictoryRoyale
  11. noah

    [W4] τr2 446 - 287 RS

    points are off gp3 but we're not sure how, may edit later trolling, ggs on behalf of the nae nae squadron
  12. noah

    [W2] τr 362 - 370 MV ✓

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ggs, trolling
  13. noah

    [W1] κ`s 386 - 346 κn

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ sui format, ggs!
  14. noah

    Invite Only Tribulation Refuge

    Tribulation Refuge was founded by Alex and Maxi on 8/20/17 with the idea of creating a "refuge" from toxicity in the community. We strive to improve while having fun along the way. :flagUS: Blake :flagUS: Daylon :flagUS: Haseo :flagCA: Justin :flagUS: Justinian :flagUS: KA :flagUS: Kasper...