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  1. MikeV1

    ßeat ξm μp / ßξμ

    Name: βeat ξm μp Clantag: ßξμ☆ Country: Deutschland :flagDE: Founded in: March 28th 2011 Leader: :flagDE: MikeV1 Members: :flagDE: Andre :flagDE: Artur :flagDE: Bench :flagDE: Cody :flagDE: Jack :flagDE: Steve War Statistic: [Old] Wins: 491 Ties: 5 Loses: 133 Total: 629 War Statistic...
  2. MikeV1

    MikeV1 | Yo! Long time no see

    Hey, my name is Mike(V1) and I´ve been playing MKWii since it´s release, 2008 in competitions like WCL, IL, WL and I don´t know how many other 900923 leagues there were :D for clans like BEU,Unik,WK,TNP,NF,K9,,NFO,CB,SA, and so on...; Today I play for GAMT and do some cws from time to time...