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Search results

  1. Fred Mkwii

    Invite Only ns¢

    dont mess with us
  2. Fred Mkwii

    [PI1] ITA 414 - 318 MEX

    porcoooo dio
  3. Fred Mkwii

    MarioKartBoards × BrookLAN FFA Tournament | Sunday, July 5th, 2020

    frd 0521-4053-2574 can host #frd5658
  4. Fred Mkwii

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    Looking for a main clan to run for Frd#5658
  5. Fred Mkwii

    [W2] Rc 367 - 357 APE [✔]

    I think next time it would help If we talked about the races during the races and not scream porco dio or talk about being colourblind
  6. Fred Mkwii

    [D2] Mn 375 - 357 SIN

    No shrek no win
  7. Fred Mkwii

    [G1] PLX 251 - k's 417

    That war wasn't fun for my eyes
  8. Fred Mkwii

    [W7] λ7 332 - 400 MEGA [✔]

    It's tf bro let him win
  9. Fred Mkwii

    CM - Cosmos

    We are recruiting message us we won't say no unless we do!!!!!!
  10. Fred Mkwii

    [LR2] APE 324-392 MEGA ✓

    ggs here is table
  11. Fred Mkwii

    W6 k`s 100- 0 GX ✓

    you're 3/5 tomorrow where you can still try to get 5, you can play next week or in 2 weeks as you have delayed matches vs mo and ea also by 1/2 weeks. We both know that there's a time we can both play but you guys want fw even though you guys are "against. having freewins" We never mutually...
  12. Fred Mkwii

    [W5] RS 373 - 357 GX ✓

    Ggs, i ran 9 leo ran 3
  13. Fred Mkwii


    What would happen if we did go nsfw i wonder
  14. Fred Mkwii

    [GF] nx 2 - str 0

  15. Fred Mkwii

    [W4] IF 359 - 373 APE

    ey man ur council be nice dude
  16. Fred Mkwii

    [W3] κ`s 369 - 363 Ap ✓

    i mean you should know by now that slide is always in a mega in a star smh
  17. Fred Mkwii

    [W3] λρ2 375 - 355 bompy

    Can Kevin get lightshot
  18. Fred Mkwii

    [W3] GX 384 - ae 348 ✓

    thanks for clutching out 5 and playing the match, see you w10
  19. Fred Mkwii

    [W6] APE 307 - 330 ARRR

    pretty damn cool how an sd card can snap, when sitting in a wii