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Search results

  1. francismkw

    [SF] ST 2 - 0 Vφ

    Match 1 Match 2 GGs!
  2. francismkw

    MKPS Weekend Tournament #2

    Shadow Team ST will play
  3. francismkw

    [W5] ST 388 - 344 Vφ

  4. francismkw

    [W4] ST 382 - 350 Cy

    We used a reset after race 3, GGs
  5. francismkw

    MKPS Weekend Tournament #1

    Group H match 3
  6. francismkw

    [W3] ST 425- 284 yK

  7. francismkw

    ST- Shadow Team

    Team Name: Shadow Team Tag: ST Clan thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/st-shadow-team.9176/ Estimated members: 10-12 Time zones/Country: Spain (GMT+1) Representatives: Francis#4385 Mδηςτεr#0556 Galle07#7640
  8. francismkw

    MKPS Weekend Tournament #1

    Shadow Team | ST | Francis#4385, Mδηςτεr#0556, Galle07#7640
  9. francismkw

    MKW Pietro

    Thanks for your words Pietro, it was great to play with you! Hope you have a good time in Rocket League and maybe in the future play again together sometime, who knows!
  10. francismkw

    [W2] ST 399 - 333 Bibb

    We used a reset after race 5 GGs
  11. francismkw

    ST - Shadow Team

    Clan established in 2008 Current roster: :flagES: Monster :flagES: Jorge :flagPE: Alberto :flagES: Aleeex :flagES: Francis :flagDE: Jaden :flagES: Javi :flagES: Jesús :flagES: Kyu :flagMX: Mephisto :flagES: Nare :flagES: Saru :flagES: Yago
  12. francismkw

    Celestial League S1 Team Confirmations

    Equipo Fenix will play
  13. francismkw

    [W2] CT 376 - 356 JCVD

    GGs and GL in future matches
  14. francismkw

    [S2] Logo Submission

    Thanks to Achuu for the logo
  15. francismkw

    [S2] Confirmation Thread

    Calce Team will play
  16. francismkw

    Selectively Recruiting nx | Equipo Fenix

    Logo by RusoX Clan founded by Javienigma in late summer of 2012, revived by old members Francis, Gumi and Zorro, few years after it became inactive. Members :flagES: Francis :flagVE: Gumi :flagCL: Doseee :flagIT: Zatlo :flagES: Zorro :flagES: Javi :flagCL: Akmeaf :flagCU: Broly :flagUS: Eirik...
  17. francismkw

    [GF] nx 2 - str 0

    Very proud of my team, our first season together and lost some key players, but we did it GGs to everyone in the div and str in finals
  18. francismkw

    [W4] nx 518 -DO 214

    https://i.gyazo.com/49c788ae32108c175a554e4e8a5d017d.mp4 we didn´t have a blue shell but I guess he noticed something was wrong xd
  19. francismkw

    [W4] nx 518 -DO 214

    Mandard lagged few spots in 2 races, bagger points corrected aswell. GGs and good luck DO in rest of the season.