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Search results

  1. Hikaru


    Postponing this project indefinitely until I found motivation to redo it.
  2. Hikaru

    [W9] EA 100 - 0 ae ✓

  3. Hikaru

    [W8] GX 270 - 462 EA ✓

  4. Hikaru

    [W6] SY 315 - 397 EA ✓

    pen is them picking a track outside of the list zzz
  5. Hikaru

    [W4] EA 416 - 316 k's ✓

    Not a free win for a change, GGs
  6. Hikaru

    [W6] sop 0 - 100 EA ✓

  7. Hikaru

    [W5] EA 100 - 0 Ap ✓

    they were unable to play at default
  8. Hikaru

    W2 ea 100-0 ae ✓

  9. Hikaru

    [W5] EA 100-0 Dαιsγ

    they didnt have 5 didnt want to 3v3 skribbl either :mad:
  10. Hikaru

    Eternal Nig

    Eternal Nig EA Hikaru#7817, Delis#5955 at least 3 IST (indian time zone)
  11. Hikaru

    EA - Extend Ash

    Team Name: Extend Ash Team Tag: EA Team MKB Thread: https://mariokartboards.com/threads/extend-ash.377/ Team Representative(s) with contact information (preferably 2 to 3):Hikaru (Hikaru#7817) and Delis (Delis#5955) Number of players (estimate): ~8 Main time zone(s) and/or country: UTC+2
  12. Hikaru

    [W4] EG 375 - 357 MaL

  13. Hikaru

    EPIC G@MERS {[(CTs)]}

    EPIC G@MERS EG Thomas#4623, Ariels#5955, Hikaru#7817 at least 2