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  1. Natsumi

    Division 2 - Standings, Schedule and Rosters

    Schedule Standings Rosters
  2. Natsumi

    Welcome to the Star Division!

    Hello to you I present myself as yuichiro I will be your DA for this season you can dm me or ping me when you want 𝑦 𝑢#2379
  3. Natsumi

    [GF] PrS 2-0 PrS2

    Match 1 Match 2
  4. Natsumi

    [W6] PrS 100 - 0 @ue2

  5. Natsumi

    [W3] LA 327 - 365 PrS2

  6. Natsumi

    [W4] PrS 1 433 - 273 LA

    reset gp3 bleach suck with his greece net :) snoopy dcd no reset call gg's
  7. Natsumi

    TOO EARLY TO PROCESS Prismatic Sunset 1

    Clan Name: Prismatic Sunset 1 Clan Tag: PrS Clan Thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/prismatic-sunset-prs.7732/ Leader(s) with contact information: 𝕹𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖓#2000 | MeraTrak#5785 | yuchiro#1815 Number of players: 10-13 Main time zone(s) and country(s): US East (EST)
  8. Natsumi

    [W3] @ue2 134 - 246 PrS

  9. Natsumi

    [W2] PrS 2 333 - 399 PrS 1

  10. Natsumi

    JCVD - Jean Claude Van damme

    Jordan:flagFR: KB9:flagFR: Natsu:flagFR: yuchiro#1815 KB9#5567 JordanFR#1226
  11. Natsumi

    [W1] LA☆ 316 - 416 PrS1

    Yazid dc gp2 r2 they reset sardine dc gp3 r2 we reset Mera Trak sub for the 4 last race GG's see ya week 4
  12. Natsumi


    Hi I’m yuchiro and I’ll be your division admin for this season, best of luck to everyone, may the best team win. If any question you can tag me in rep chat ^^
  13. Natsumi

    Standings, Schedule and Rosters

    Standings Schedule Rosters
  14. Natsumi


    i apply for division admin have experience from OSL
  15. Natsumi

    [W6] LA☆ 404-328 Cy

  16. Natsumi

    [W4] LA 378 - 354 HS

    reset gp3 yazid dc gg
  17. Natsumi


    Re: Crisis:flagUS: Jiren:flagDE: Kobametto:flagJP: Kro:flagCA: Matthew:flagAU: Natsu:flagFR: night:flagFR: Saya:flagAU: Shura:flagFR: yuiazu:flagJP: yuup:flagFR: Mirymeg:flagUS: Miya:flagJP: Yax:flagUS: Recruitment: Close yuna#7777 or Natsu#6666
  18. Natsumi

    [W3] LA 419 - Cy 313

    Clique sub tymbuth gp3 gg's
  19. Natsumi

    [W4] JCVD 337 -395 00cas

  20. Natsumi

    [W1] HS 370 - 362 LA