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Search results

  1. Kona

    Matt / Kona

    3570-8324-1518 1079-7544-3187 All other FCs can be deleted
  2. Kona

    Invite Only S1 - Timeless

    Timeless was created on November 1st, 2020. It started with the name Square One (hence the tag), but the name was rather quickly changed to Timeless in order to properly tribute the clan that came before it, Explorers of Time (created December 12, 2015). --- MKPS Arti Cookie Daze Ethan...
  3. Kona

    [W10] EM 379 - 337 EXO

    trolling they 4v5'd last 2 races, those are shown on the rPB picture (berry +6 for that) those races occurred cuz they asked for reset after bcwii i moved up from team 2 for this week gg !!
  4. Kona

    [W9] EXO 344 - 301 SY

    no notes because i don't even know what happened in the match. it seems SY left someone at the gas station. no kona no thread and no table i guess. edit: format was sui. shoutouts to spart.
  5. Kona

    [W7] I$2 422 - 310 EXO2

    trolling, i trolled gp1 / KA trolled gp2 / we basically allran (KA 27 in 2races) gp3 gg
  6. Kona

    StrawPoll: How long should Jos/Jack be banned?

    https://www.strawpoll.me/18306563 if you feel the ban should be less than a month but longer than 0 days, vote for "1 month" and explain your reasoning in a reply to this thread. - if you're unaware of the situation, the basic gist is as follows: Jack/Jos posted media related to, well, humans...
  7. Kona

    [W5] EXO2 276 - 456 BT

    ggs better team won EDIT- don't bother dealing with kanto and I's indivs, I'm pretty sure neither of us care
  8. Kona

    [W2] EXO2 367 - 365 EM

    gg :oops:
  9. Kona

    What is your favorite album of all time?

    Mine is good kid, m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar. I feel there's little to nothing on this album that can be improved. Production, wordplay, storytelling, and overall a good listening experience are all present throughout the whole project. Listen: What's yours?
  10. Kona

    [W1] EXO2 436 - 296 EU2 [✓]

    gg I got like 3 shocks :dab:
  11. Kona

    [W4] GH 333 - 399 DD

    scott subbed noah after gp2 gg
  12. Kona

    [W2] GH 423 - 309 C9

    2 hour war with no dc's don't ask
  13. Kona

    Team Aurora - Fortnite

    Banner coming soon Team Aurora was founded by Ryan and Matt on December 9th, 2018. Status: Recruiting We are recruiting nearly anyone who's willing to play semi-actively. Ryan Kona Ascotia Daylon George James Josh Luis Merc Psycho Sirius Zayne ------- DSYFL#7006 matt\#0005
  14. Kona

    [W1] GH 373 - 304 DD

  15. Kona

    Division Admin Kona: Division Admin

    Sup, my name's Matt; applying for Division Admin of EL. I'm currently a Division Admin for WL. In Season 14 I was DA of two divisions: CTD2 and CTD3. I updated every week within 1 day of the matches being played. I'm online quite often so I never have an issue with getting updates out quickly...
  16. Kona

    [W10] SS 100 - 0 inv

  17. Kona

    [W10] kn 100 - 0 sop

  18. Kona

    [W10] XF 373 - 359 GH

    150 only, suicide I bagged first 8, Satnav last 4 gg
  19. Kona

    [W9] k's 100 - 0 sop

  20. Kona


    Matt / Kona United States EXO - Explorers of Time vκ | τr | Rc | ☰U | S¢ | GH | βc | SS MK8 (Jan. 2015 - May 2016): C8 → sG → Mp → DY → R MKW (April 2018 - Present): XF → EXO Time Trials Twitter 2325-2860-1621 [19/29] Ade Articuno Berry British Callum Chloe Clout Daylon Ferg...