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  1. SAGA64

    F/A --> @ue

    Deco Free Agents --> Team @ue
  2. SAGA64

    [W6] Se 0 - 100 I$

    Apologies I$ Gl for rest of season as we are now disqualified.
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    Underused Vehicle League

    Hello! I am Raeika and I am proud to present Underused Vehicle League! It is currently under construction, but it is coming along great. What are underused vehicles you may ask? Well, underused vehicles are vehicles that basically are not inside drifting! This gives the game a bit more...
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    Caster Raeika

    After being in the community for around 4 or so years, I have a bit or two of knowledge about the warring scene. I am currently practicing casting with a low level FFA, but then realized I didn't have a mic, and now I do! Yay! My availability on weekends depends on the weekend but am always...
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    Applying for council Haven't done it before, but it seems fun Good with cooperation and voicing opinion. Ty for reading!
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    [W1] Se 290 - 442 I$ [✓]

    Suicide Format Murray and Gomez traded off bagging Gomez bagged 2 races Murray bagged 10 races Storm DCed during race 3 so we used our reset Good games In$ane! Good luck in the rest of the season! See you week 6.
  7. SAGA64

    Content Creator Raeika

    Hi (yes ive applied here once but many months ago (August 2018)) My name is Raeika, and I am applying for a spot on the Content Creator team! Everyday I look at the montages on MKBs YouTube channel and wonder how can I try that. Recently with my PC coming back, I got Premiere Pro and tried all...
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    Custom Tracks Team Serenity - SRN

    Team Serenity SRN 9-12 America (EST / PST) Stellar/Raeika#4644 | Storm#8705 | Snøw#0908
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    RL Division 1 - Standings, Schedule and Rosters

    Standings Schedule Rosters
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    RL Division 1 - Introduction

    RL Ruleset | RL Tracklist | RL Cup Layout | RL Discord Discord | Stellar/Raeika#4644 Twitter | Stellar97191607 Hello everyone! My name is Raeika and I will be your Division Admin this season! If you have any questions or concerns please talk to me on the social platforms above...
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    Selectively Recruiting ☆M£

    Leader :flagUS: Raeika Co-Leader :flagJP: ORG Dekopon Member :flagJP: ALIDER :flagJP: ariga :flagJP: Deco :flagJP: Despair :flagJP: Donaldo :flagJP: Eizen :flagJP: Finite :flagJP: Got :flagJP: Inava :flagJP: Kocchi :flagJP: Marimo :flagJP: Milano :flagJP: Mopu :flagJP: Nobu :flagJP: Noritama...
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    Custom Tracks Various Teams --> EV

    U296 MrSapphi Team @ue --> EVolution (Electric Veterans/Elegancia formerly) U972 Okereke Free Agents --> EVolution U1538 Danhi Free Agents --> EVolution U234 Jonas Zanarkand --> EVolution U2964 Neo DvD Free Agents --> EVolution
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    Custom Tracks EVolution

    Thread is Elegancia thread Players: 9-11 Main Time Zone: PST
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    Team Rouge

    Clan Name: Team Rouge Tag: Rouge Clan Thread: Leader(s) with contact information: venus#9728 Number of players: 9-11 Main Timezone: JST
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    Recruiting Team Rouge

    :flagNL: Venus :flagJP: Asuna :flagJP: DeathSpear :flagJP: Ramune :flagJP: Syo :flagJP: Tonkatsu :flagJP: Wis :flagJP: Yasuyoshi We will participate in MKPS Season 2! War Record: 0-0-0
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    Kart League Version 3 (yes I know)

    Our Server! Yes, I know this has failed twice but we are recruiting for more teams to join! Teams (x/12) Server is on the very top. Rules are coming soon. Positions: Managers (2/2: Venus, Okereke) Registers (1/5: Venus) GFX: (1/3: Achuu) Media Staff: (1/4: Venus)
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    Any tips?

    So for the past few weeks, I have been stuck at around 800 MMR. Are there any tips on how to improve besides TTing religiously? I would really appreciate the help!
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    Selectively Recruiting Se - Serenity

    LEADERS :flagUS: Snow :flagUS: Storm* CO-LEADERS :flagDE: Fred* :flagUS: Raeika* :flagUK: Saph MEMBERS :flagAU: Berry :flagUK: Bryant* :flagUS: Chris :flagUS: Declan :flagUS: Evasive* :flagUS: Fuadius* :flagUS: Henry* :flagDE: IRONMONKEY :flagUS: Jack* :flagUS: KT :flagNL: Leon :flagSE: Lonie...
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    Invite Only 7κ - Lucky 7 κarters

    Welcome to our clan thread! We are the Lucky 7 κarters or 7κ! 7κ originated as a Japanese Twitter group in 2016. but in August 2018 we decided to go as an international clan. Since then, we have had many members come to our community, and we have only grown since then. Now I must explain what we...
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    Stream Host Sapphire

    Hi, I am Sapphire and I am applying to become a Stream Host/Caster (not listed). This mainly applies in the CTWL chats but what I see is that some very interesting matches that should have been casted or even hosted, and were not hosted nor casted. I feel like the people need more active media...