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  1. Pascal

    Mlγ 402 - 330 KNFE

    Notes: - GGs guys, smooth war outside of wiimmfi being down prior the match.
  2. Pascal

    Mlγ - Melancholy

    Clan Name: Melancholy Tag: Mlγ Clan Thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/ml%CE%B3-melancholy.3129/ Leader(s) with contact information: Pascal (パスカル#5345) Numbers of players: 8-12 Main time zone: Europe, USA
  3. Pascal

    [W10] I$ 100 - 0 GUN

  4. Pascal

    [W9] MaL 0 - 100 I$

  5. Pascal

    [W8] [¢β] 285 - 444 I$

    - trolling - Kevin dced after race 3, we used a reset - GGs, GL with the rest of the season!
  6. Pascal

    [W4] I$ 393 - 339 MaL [✓]

    Notes: - sui ruleset - reset after race 6 (Roast dced) - another reset as lugia dced on the character selection screen GGs guys good luck in future matches see you week whatever
  7. Pascal

    [W3] I$ 433 - 299 ¢β [✓]

    Notes: -sui -they started all running after race 6 -2 resets were used after gp1 as kevins net took a shit -Jany played gp2 and 3 GGs sorry for this taking to long
  8. Pascal

    [W2] I$ 401 - 173 Ac [✓]

    Notes: -sui -ozzy dced r12 track selection so +3 for final race -GGs!
  9. Pascal

    [W1] Squidward 319 - 389 I$ [✓]

    Notes: -Trolling -GGs smooth game outside of Nota's dc problems see you guys week 6
  10. Pascal

    I$ - In$ahne-Krew

    Team Name: In$ahne-Krew Team Tag: I$ (I$2) Team MKB Thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/i-in-ane.218/#post-9181 Team Representative(s) with contact information (preferably 2 to 3): Mirymeg (Mirymeg#0677) and Kiralte (Kiralte#1530) Number of players (estimate): ~10 Main time zone(s)...
  11. Pascal

    [W10] FL 0 - 100 I$

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  12. Pascal

    Team @

    Name: Team @ Tag: @ Thread: https://www.mariokartboards.com/threads/team.644/ Discord: Ferg#9290 Pascal#5345 Beverly#2801 Players: 10-15 Timezone: NA/EU
  13. Pascal

    [W10] Daisy 0 - 100 @ Diamond ✓

    unforch DQ
  14. Pascal

    [W7] ARRR 0 - 100 I$

    imagine waiting a month for this just disappointing.
  15. Pascal

    [W9] APE 0 - 100 I$

  16. Pascal

    Mlγ◇ - Melancholy

    Team Name: Melancholy Team Tag: Mlγ◇ Team MKB Thread: https://mariokartboards.com/threads/mlγ◇-melancholy.3129/ Team Representative(s) with contact information (preferably 2 to 3): Pascal (Pascal#5345), Kenny (kenny#3932), and Mace (mace#0155) Number of players (estimate): ~8-12 Main time...
  17. Pascal

    Invite Only Mlγ - Melancholy

    :flagAT: Pascal :flagDE: Mace :flagUS: Maik :flagDE:Kenny :flagDE: Kevin :flagDE: Markus :flagUS: Starstrike :flagUS: Torpeter :flagUS: Thunder :flagUS: Matt :flagUS: Trevor :flagUS:JαXX :flagUS: Fruitz :flagUS: Merc :flagUS: Zay :flagCA:Spart :flagCA: Hiruko :flagCA: Countess :flagFR: Thomas...
  18. Pascal

    [W1] sop 396 - 336 D99

    [/SPOILER] -Maddy dced after the first race so we reset -Maddy dced afterwards in track selecting screen so we reset -Cynical subbed in for Maddy -Magic on table is Trashy GGs D99, see you week 6!