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Search results

  1. Y

    [W5] L 393 - 339 Ap [✔]

    the core gg nice cast bros
  2. Y

    [MKW] I am looking for a clan / My clan needs members

    mv is looking for active and dedicated players (no one with a main already or full fledged mogi addicts), willing to play wl in the upcoming season. also prefer d2-3 range skill level or above if you feel you fit the criteria and are interested message me: yax#2905
  3. Y

    [GF] Mn 2 - 0 IF

    @Spoofy machine
  4. Y

    [W9] I$ 434 - 298 MV

    ggs I$ great season
  5. Y

    [W9] I$2 385 - 337 EM2

  6. Y

    [W10] FL 380 - 352 MV

  7. Y

    [W7] MV 399 - 333 SY

  8. Y

    [W6] MV 329 - 403 δk

    ggs, best of luck in future matches qk @nact rubmy
  9. Y

    [W5] bompy 370 - 363 T7

    @Spoofy didn't your parents teach you how to share with the other children? point hogger
  10. Y

    [SF] Lu 2-0 K's

    jesus christ what did u do @Jed
  11. Y

    [QF] APE 408 - 304 BT

    lets calm it down a bit. also predictions are irrelevant
  12. Y

    ur forgiven

    ur forgiven
  13. Y

    [W3] EXO 328 - 404 [L]

    madluigi the mad man
  14. Y

    [W3] MV 421 - FL 311

  15. Y

    [W2] MV 384 - 328 I$

  16. Y

    [W6] ELMER 149 - 63 Mn [✓]

    cant el im playing battle lounge @Spoofy
  17. Y

    [W1] R- 356 - MV 376