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Recent content by SAGA64

  1. SAGA64

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    Name that you go by in the community: Raeika/Sapphire Country and timezone: USA; PST (or PDT) Age: 15 Clan history: @ue, BT, EV Discord contact: Pheonix#2355 I`m looking for a CT main team
  2. SAGA64

    Selectively Recruiting Metro Wipeout

    gl in only kart war ;)
  3. SAGA64

    Invite Only G7 - Gods 7eam

    Mat come back D:
  4. SAGA64

    Stream Host Sapphire

    Hi, I am Sapphire and I am applying to become a Stream Host/Caster (not listed). This mainly applies in the CTWL chats but what I see is that some very interesting matches that should have been casted or even hosted, and were not hosted nor casted. I feel like the people need more active media...
  5. SAGA64

    [C5] HS 266 - 456 Mo

  6. SAGA64

    Invite Only The Galaxy - GX

    yes joeey?
  7. SAGA64

    Invite Only The Galaxy - GX

    + :flagGB: Zach (welcome to the team Zach!!)
  8. SAGA64

    Recruiting Sι - Solarιty

  9. SAGA64

    Kart Top 10

    DKM Glitch WR by me: http://www.chadsoft.co.uk/time-trials/rkgd/D4/24/0C093F81D67B422ACB8C04F90C46C652E553.html
  10. SAGA64

    Invite Only The Galaxy - GX

    :flagNL: Korra :flagNL: Neo :flagNL: Casper :flagIE: David :flagIE: Dermo :flagIT: Emiliano :flagNL: Enzo :flagUS: Flame :flagES: Francis :flagDE: Fred :flagIT: Galla :flagNL: Geo :flagNL: Jeroen :flagNL: Job :flagNL: Joris :flagNL: KevinVG207 :flagNL: Kjeld :flagNL: Leon :flagNL: Leops...
  11. SAGA64

    Recruiting Sι - Solarιty

    that's a question i still can't find the answer to
  12. SAGA64

    Recruiting Sι - Solarιty

    :flagUS: Seigo :flagDE: Solem :flagFR: Cob :flagDE: Daviid :flagPR: Jorge :flagJP: Minato :flagJP: Ramune :flagNL: Slav :flagFR: Win Instant Team Established: 2019-07-27 Regular Team Established: 2020-02-22 Solarity is a clan that was originally established as a 3v3 instant team with Solem...
  13. SAGA64

    Kart Top 10

    :flagAU: FLX :flagAU: FLX 10th WW No-Glitch :flagFR: Gaz
  14. SAGA64

    Nathan / Futile

    where is... :flagJP: Mary
  15. SAGA64

    [B3] BT 0 - 150 Ap

    should have stuck to one or even 2 tbh.