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    Standings + Schedule

    Schedule Standings
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    RL Ruleset | RL Tracklist | RL Cup Layout | RL Discord Hello guys! I'm Raeika and I will be your division admin for this season of Retro League! If you have any questions just DM me on discord or @ me in the RL Server. Let's have a great season everyone!
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    Back on track

    welcome :P
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    Selectively Recruiting ☆M£

    its the tag. its a japanese clan
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    Still applying for council I have experience in OSL and ATL HMU - Stellar#0067
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    F/A --> @ue

    Deco Free Agents --> Team @ue
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    Selectively Recruiting ☆M£

    last second.. i got subbed out lmfao
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    Selectively Recruiting ☆M£

    Loss vs MV Win vs AADFHJOP Loss vs MaL Updated!
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    [S3] Preliminary Seedings

    d5 lets go, gl everyone.
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    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    Pixel Players looking for people in Alternative League DM me RsL#0067
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    Kart Top 10

    Already added KWR by Will BC3 SC KWR by Niceday MH
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    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    Looking for a CT Team, I am slow Raeika in lounge raeika♪#4758
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    [W6] Se 0 - 100 I$

    Apologies I$ Gl for rest of season as we are now disqualified.
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    Underused Vehicle League

    Hello! I am Raeika and I am proud to present Underused Vehicle League! It is currently under construction, but it is coming along great. What are underused vehicles you may ask? Well, underused vehicles are vehicles that basically are not inside drifting! This gives the game a bit more...