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Recent content by Rentorar

  1. Rentorar

    [W1] GTFO 236 - 346 L

    After a quick discussion with Vinny, it has been proven that GTFO used an unregistered player (being Bowser Boi) for the match thus the team is penalised with a -150 due to winning difference is below said 150. Results will change too: GTFO 236 - Lightspeed 346.
  2. Rentorar

    [W3] Cy 379 - 292 Lu

    Rip High Rollers.
  3. Rentorar

    [W2] BT 369 - 363 Lu

    The embedded troll claim from High Rollers showing that Blue Thunder's bagger going backwards for a box steal. Council has majority voted (without my input) that the result is a -0 due to the aforementioned of going backwards and not hitting anyone. The results will remain the same. BT 369 -...
  4. Rentorar

    [W2] BT 369 - 363 Lu

    Indeed. High Rollers.
  5. Rentorar

    [W2] BT 369 - 363 Lu

    Also thanks very much to Iceh for subbing in cause @Boodog9 failed to wake up.
  6. Rentorar

    [W2] BT 369 - 363 Lu

    No, Table will not be changed. GGs luck and the dumb Canadian was fun and close while it lasted. Good luck on the rest of your matches.
  7. Rentorar

    [W1] TNG 392 - BT 340

    Yeah. That reminds me of the statement from Council: George will be receiving a strike to use of wrong tag (being bob). Fail to do so again will result in match ban. @Riyz Also from me, George is banned from hosting on my end until he fixes it.
  8. Rentorar

    [W1] TNG 392 - BT 340

  9. Rentorar

    [W1] Sp 352-360 dts

    ): GGss.
  10. Rentorar

    [S3] Final Seedings

    These are the final seedings for the third season of CL. All transfers up to this post's time are approved so no need to worry on anything. Good luck for this season! Division 1: Apocalypse Megavolt Nero Nemesis Surge Horizon UC Division 2: Nero Nyx Contingency White dts In$ane Shadow...
  11. Rentorar

    [S3] Preliminary seedings

    After a brief chat in council, SG -> D1 dts -> D2 Reason being SG being more suitable for D1 and dts was the weakest of the bunch.
  12. Rentorar

    [S3] Preliminary seedings

    Vielan Danke Toucan. They will be fixed by the weekend.
  13. Rentorar

    [S3] Preliminary seedings

    Sorry for the long wait due to issues with a certain part of staff. Final seedings to be posted towards the end of next week or start of week after All feedback will be taken into consideration. This is 5 divs of four for now due to skill gap but we do have a 4 div plan in mind for the 20...
  14. Rentorar

    [S3] Team Confirmations

    Into Oblivion will not play after a talk with its leader