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    Recruiting L7

    Fuck it, Korra from Paraguay
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    [B4] MV 400 - 332 [L]

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    [B1] [L] 150 - 0 BT-b

    So you do beat cock and balls? You hit them across some land into a glory hole, hoping for a hole in one.
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    Invite Only [L]

    lol cringe are you gonna make your pfp black now or something?
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    [W8] beyblade 319 - 413 L [✔]

    Can I trial for core
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    Recruiting Kaisers

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    [W5] L 393 - 339 Ap [✔]

    Strong pack playing
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    WI - Team Wisconsin

    Youre in like 5 clans lol
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    [W2] I$ 345 - 387 [L] [✔]

    Notes: - 150 only, sui - thunder played the first 2 races on the table, razz played the rest GGs!
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    [ELS4] Preliminary Seedings

    I understand that, but when looking at teams that have best lineups close in skill (such as L compared to Ap or nx), the depth of the roster should be considered.
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    [ELS4] Preliminary Seedings

    The members of List of Croatian Films of the 1960s would be happy to stay in Division 4 this season. We think that our roster is overall not suitable for D3, and that being competitive in that division would require us to have a small subset of our roster play every week. Our goal this season is...
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    [W6] List of Croatian Films of the 1960s 100 - 0 EXO

    Pooping rn lol
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    [R1] Mo 377 - 355 λρ ✓

    ggs, fun match to start off the cup
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    [W5] I$ 408 - 324 [L]

    was there really any need for this image? does anybody outside of your team actually care? i don't think we are bad sports, we're just trying to play the game. so i'd ask for the same courtesy ggs regardless, congrats on the win
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    [W4] λρ 327 - 405 Mo ✓

    This post reminded me of the 11th letter in the alphabet