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Recent content by Kona

  1. Kona

    [MKW] Bagger Tier List

    April Fools
  2. Kona

    Matt / Kona

    3570-8324-1518 1079-7544-3187 All other FCs can be deleted
  3. Kona

    Invite Only S1 - Timeless

    Updated thread because that's a thing you're supposed to do
  4. Kona

    Invite Only S1 - Timeless

    + Mank (Passed trial) + Ballin (Ally)
  5. Kona

    Invite Only S1 - Timeless

    + Yoshter (Trial) + Nick (Ally)
  6. Kona

    Invite Only S1 - Timeless

  7. Kona

    Invite Only S1 - Timeless

    Timeless was created on November 1st, 2020. It started with the name Square One (hence the tag), but the name was rather quickly changed to Timeless in order to properly tribute the clan that came before it, Explorers of Time (created December 12, 2015). --- MKPS Arti Cookie Daze Ethan...
  8. Kona

    EXO ; Explorers of Time

    PLAYER CARDS I discovered this insane opportunity to make fun of all of my teammates - player cards! I made one for each member of our MKPS roster, as those not on it are either in the server for social purposes or they don't play the game enough to warrant assigning ratings to their assets...
  9. Kona

    2 shocks due to lag?

    @ MV and y'all said i was a hacker
  10. Kona

    Kona's Time Trials

  11. Kona

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    looking for a decent team to war on the side with, i have a main but i want more online practice Matt#1777
  12. Kona

    Kona's Time Trials

    updated after over a year lol!!! still missing tons of times, i took a bit of a break and since i've been back i still only have motivation to play the same 5 tracks
  13. Kona

    [E4] EXO 394 - 338 GAMT

    ggs Arvo bagging skill does not matter
  14. Kona