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Recent content by hash1saladbowlcutirl

  1. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    Competitive Changes & WL Frequency Poll

    kp would probably be willing to manage the prize pot
  2. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    Crash Team Racing is better than Mario Kart

    speaking only in terms of driving, mk8u has a higher skill ceiling than ctrnf. mk8d driving is a joke so i don't even wanna go there. i was really hoping the online would be good in crash but not only did beenox royally fuck up the net code, the mechanics of the game (blue fire) just don't work...
  3. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    why did stunky get a 10 page thread but charles didn't?

    https://pastebin.com/p9J9nkzx right here
  4. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    why did stunky get a 10 page thread but charles didn't?

    stunky, at age 17 exposed his manhood to a 15 year old and gets a 10 page mkb thread of people shitting on him and telling him what a disgusting human being he is charles, at age 20+ exposed his manhood to a 14 year old, no thread discuss
  5. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    Not Recruiting svc on the wiim

    members: war record on the wiim: 2-0 (undefeated)
  6. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    Regarding The Recent Bans, Removal of Staff, and The Site's Future

    a consensual sexual relationship between an adult and a child cannot exist, it's illegal and it's on the adult to know better. that being said, punishing the child (aside from giving them a swift talking-to), regardless of if you deem them a victim or not, doesn't make any sense. it's like...
  7. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    Changes to Rule 7C)

    can you explain how sending nudes to kids is a "legal gray area"
  8. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    Changes to Rule 7C)

    so charles is off the hook
  9. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    What does Mogi mean?

    the word "MOGI" originated in russia where japanese soldiers were stationed back in the 1920s. they adopted a code which was taught through intense practice and could not be replicated by russian infiltrators. "MOGI" was their code word for greeting each other, they would squat down with...
  10. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    MMR Algorithm

  11. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    Season 3 Launch Notes

    excellent patch notes cant wait to power on
  12. hash1saladbowlcutirl


    how about draggable blue shells
  13. hash1saladbowlcutirl

    Invite Only WollywogZ

    how long did that take