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Recent content by Dermo

  1. Dermo

    [R1] Mo 352 - 380 T7

    I dont speak eliminated by t7
  2. Dermo

    [R1] Mo 352 - 380 T7

    Moonblast just keep going backwards
  3. Dermo

    [R1] IF 391 - 341 Mn

    Notes: - Hi I'm Dermo and I leave it to moderators make my threads for me - Me drink piss haha - Suicide
  4. Dermo

    [W6] IF 434 - 298 I$

    We played chess and they played checkers
  5. Dermo

    [MKW] Recruitment Thread

    Yea that’s hilarious sky9
  6. Dermo

    Selectively Recruiting UNO WITH THE BOYS

    Impressive comment coming from miles
  7. Dermo

    Selectively Recruiting εclιpτιc

    Why delete mkboard posts in 2020
  8. Dermo

    [A5] Cy 344 - 286 $U

    I can see why you wanted it to get casted, it was a very competitive 4v5
  9. Dermo

    [D5] IF 390 - 285 Mn

    See you in upper bracket wollywogz
  10. Dermo

    [E4] EXO 394 - 338 GAMT

    Gamt bottled it
  11. Dermo

    [W4] Bt 0 - 100 IF

    Gg EDIT: just post something actual next time, thanks
  12. Dermo

    [D4] ωZ 448 - 284 SIN

    Good job azure
  13. Dermo

    [D4] Ac 319 - 413 IF

    No tiebreakers this time
  14. Dermo

    [W2] Rc 367 - 357 APE [✔]

    As long as sal keeps up a 38 average he doesn’t care what the result is
  15. Dermo

    Not Recruiting T7 - Turtle 7eam

    Yes let’s delete a clan and make a new clan with a new name and the exact same members